Meditation and Minimalism

treesBefore you read this I would just like to let you know that I am no expert on meditation. In fact, I might even know less than you on this topic. However, even though I have limited knowledge on meditation, I still believe it can help us on our journey toward minimalism. Meditation is something everyone has heard of and many of us (like me) have tried it. When I was younger, my Taekwon-Do instructors would sometimes make us meditate at the end of class and I’m sure anyone who … [Read More]

Art, a Pathway to Minimalism

man painting outsideI’m sure that most of us had art class at school when we were young. For many (like me) it was a fun class, where you could put your young creative mind to work. There were also some who disliked this class. Some people find art tedious because they say they aren’t creative or they say they are just “really bad at it”.

Many of us resort to watching TV or surfing the web when we get back from work or school. I know very few people who just take … [Read More]