How to Clear the Mental Clutter

thinking clearlyThere are two main types of clutter :

  • The  physical clutter, which corresponds to all the items that are taking up physical space in your life.
  • The mental clutter which can be anything that is on your mind that stops you from functioning at 100%.

They both go hand in hand because they impact each other in various ways. A lot of mental clutter can lead to having a large amount of physical clutter and in the same fashion, a hefty amount of physical clutter could cause an increase of … [Read More]

A Child’s Perspective

learning how to slide

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A child is often amused and amazed by everything around him or her. There seems to be something very pure about a child’s perspective on life. Rousseau would even go as far as saying that children are still naturally good because they haven’t been corrupted by our culture and our society.

I’m just going to state the obvious here, but haven’t you noticed that children seem to be happier than adults? Granted, they don’t have to go to work all day, they don’t have any … [Read More]

Thank You Colleen

The about page of Colleen Madsen's blog: 365 Less Things.

I’ve recently been fortunate enough to be featured on Colleen Madsen’s award-winning blog called 365 Less Things. She was nice enough to dedicate an entire blog post to talk about “Toward Minimalism”.  Her journey started in 2010 as she started her 365 day resolution. She continues to offer helpful tips on de-cluttering and simplifying your life. I really enjoy her “Mini Missions” that you can find at the end of her posts. They are so easy to put into practice and yet they can be so effective, especially … [Read More]

A Lifestyle or a Life Philosophy?

pond in Central ParkAs I try to learn more about minimalism, one of the things that I wanted to clarify was if the term “minimalism” should be categorized as a “life philosophy”, or as a “lifestyle”.

You might think that this is a pointless question to ask yourself but there is a distinction to be made between a lifestyle and a philosophy and defining minimalism as one or the other changes things dramatically. (Well at least for me)

First let’s try to define these two terms as simply as possible:

  • A lifestyle is
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