The Importance of Writing Things Down

notebookYou might already have gotten into the habit of writing things down and have discovered how helpful it can be. I actually have just started writing things down a few months ago.

Before I found out how useful jotting things down was, I used to think that scribbling reminders in a notebook or agenda was best suited for older adults or my overly organized fellow classmates.

“Why should I take the effort to write this down if I can just remember it?” I would think to myself. I thought my … [Read More]

Minimize Your Expectations

a beautiful skyI think it is safe to say that we have all felt like we have gotten the short end of the stick at least once if not several times in our lives. You might have lost your job, lost a lot of money or for whatever reason, you might just be having a bad day. Chances are, life probably has a few more of its proverbial curve balls in store for you.

However, what if you minimized your expectations a little so you could be more content or a least … [Read More]