How to Slow Time Down

an alarm clockWhen time gets out of control and seems to be going by too fast, you sometimes wish you could just slow it down. As you know, time does not increase its speed, but our perception of time changes as we get caught up with various ideas and things to do. I think I would just be stating the obvious if I said that time appears to accelerate as we get busier. That’s why you usually don’t hear busy people complain about how time is going by too slow. I remember … [Read More]

A Substitute for Your Morning Coffee

Tim Hortons coffeeAccording to, 54% of Americans aged 18 and over have coffee everyday. 65% of coffee consumption takes place during breakfast hours. These two numbers pretty much speak for themselves. America is hooked on coffee and I think the same goes for many other countries. More than half of the adult population drinks it, probably not always because of it’s great taste, but because it helps people wake up. Americans spend 18 billion dollars a year on coffee because it has simply become a necessity.

You might drink coffee … [Read More]