Congratulate Yourself for the Small Stuff

helicopterI think we don’t take enough time to congratulate ourselves for our small achievements. I also believe that we¬†sometimes pay little attention to our smaller accomplishments because we become so focused on our long-term goals.

We all have different long-term targets. For a student like me, getting through exams is a big objective. Accountants usually can’t wait until the end of tax season and everyone always looks forward to the next week or two of time off from work.

When you become too fixated on these long-term goals, you … [Read More]

Three Pro Hockey Players Enjoying Their Simple but Fun Lifestyle

Washington Capitals

Photography courtesy of Keith Allison (

Last November I stumbled upon a show called Road to the Winter Classic¬†on Rogers Sportsnet, a sports channel we have here in Canada. In this program, we get to see some behind-the-scenes footage of two National Hockey League (NHL) teams during their regular season games that lead up to the Winter Classic. The two teams that participated in the 2015 Winter Classic were the Washington Capitals and the Chicago Blackhawks. I really enjoy these types of shows because you not only get to … [Read More]