Dark Wash Jeans: A Good Choice for Your Minimalist Wardrobe

dark wash jeansOver the past few seasons, I have found myself wearing the same pair of dark wash jeans on a regular basis. Presently, I am opting for shorts, as it is quite hot and muggy here in Ottawa. But when it was still cold, I was reaching for that same pair of dark wash jeans almost every morning.

Most of us have many pairs of pants stored in our closets and drawers, but I think dark wash jeans are the only trousers you truly need if you just want to have … [Read More]

The Minimalist Apartment I Dreamed up for Myself When I Was a Kid

a pensive childWhen you are young, your imagination tends to roam free. My 10-year-old self would occasionally wonder what my life would look like when I would be all grown-up. I assume this is something a lot of us have thought about as children. In any case, I think I’m not the only who found it fun to occasionally play the “Imagine your life as an adult”¬†game.

One day, I started thinking of my “dream apartment” and the things I would put in it or the kind of car I … [Read More]