A Little Background

Marco Laberge

Hi, I’m Marco Laberge and I’m from Ottawa, Canada. I first discovered minimalism in 2014 during my last year of high school and I was immediately fascinated by the concept. After reading extensively about this lifestyle, I decided that I would embark on my own journey into minimalism. However, I prefer to not call myself a minimalist. I don’t think we should try to define or label people with one word. I’ve always been more of a believer in the idea of the multifaceted human being. (However, for the sake of the blog, I might occasionally refer to myself as a minimalist just to make things easier.)

My goal

There are a myriad of benefits that come with minimalism. More freedom, peace of mind, less stress, more money and more time to spend on things you are passionate about are just a few of the most common perks that go along with living this lifestyle. That is why I wish to share everything I learn and discover about this lifestyle so I can help you lead a simpler life. However, I wish to not only promote minimalism as a lifestyle, but also encourage the development of minimalism and simplicity as notions, mindsets or values that can possibly improve our lives, the lives of others and our communities. Since I am a sociology student and I sometimes find myself thinking about the world. I have come to realize that if we applied the principles of minimalism to various areas of society, we might be able to make the world a little better. After all, people around the world aren’t ending up with too much stuff and a lot of discontentment and debt because they want to. I would probably say that it’s society that puts pressure on us to live with excess. I still need time to reflect on this issue, and sadly, most of the brainstorming on this issue will be happening outside of this blog, but once I feel like my conclusions are solid enough I will definitely share them with you.

The blog title

If you are wondering why I named the blog “Toward Minimalism”, it is because minimalism is something that I am still “moving in the direction of”, or trying to achieve. All aspiring minimalists constantly strive to become ideal minimalists (which is great!), but no one will ever get there. Why? Because the ideal minimalist simply doesn’t exist. Plato would even say that the “idea” of minimalism is somewhere in the non-material world according to his famous theory of forms. If he were still here, he would tell us that minimalism in its perfection cannot be found because it is somewhere in this “realm of forms” that we humans have no access to. I believe that a person’s journey to minimalism is a continual one. Since there aren’t any established standards or guidelines (like having less than 150 things, for instance) that determine when one formally becomes a minimalist, all you can do is try your best to move toward this abstract notion by following your own ever-changing and unique path toward minimalism. In other words, you decide what is essential in your life and what is not. That is why minimalism is a lifestyle that can be adapted to each and every person and it can be something that you can make your own.

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