A Guide to Decluttering Your Home

coffee tableGetting rid of the clutter in your home has a few practical benefits. For example, a house with less clutter is easier to clean. Some people also find that clear spaces can be quite calming. Moreover, by actually enjoying the clean and organized spaces you’ve created for yourself, you won’t feel the need to buy more unnecessary things to put in your home anymore, which means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Decluttering can also improve your home aesthetically. Open spaces, clean lines and simple … [Read More]

Why You Should Still Keep a Few Sentimental Items

a broken trikeYou might be scratching your head after reading the title of this blog post. You must be asking yourself why a minimalist blogger would want you to keep some of your sentimental items? ¬†I’ll explain later…

First, here is a list of the sentimental or memorable items that I have decided to keep after paring down my possessions a while ago.

  • Two soccer trophies I won when I was little and a soccer jersey (that is not in the picture).

soccer trophies

  • Two signed hockey cards of my favorite hockey player growing
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Filling the Void After Simplifying Your Life

a swirlA little while ago, I received an email from a reader who had finished simplifying her life. She seemed to be quite pleased with the changes, but there still seemed to be something that was bothering her. Here is the email that she sent me:

Hi Marco,

I was just thinking in the past couple of days, that I was missing a new post from you. And then this morning there it was in my email! Great thoughts on biking.

One of the things I’ve pondered on recently with minimalism

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Ask Yourself Some Questions

question markPhilosophical skepticism started with Phyrro of Elis. (approx. 360 BC – 270 BC according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy). He was exposed to eastern philosophy through his travels to India and other places in the Orient and he learnt some interesting things. I don’t know much about this school of thought but one of the main principles of this philosophy is that nothing can be known for certain. That is why it was crucial for them to withhold their judgement. The skeptics were always in a state of … [Read More]

The Importance of Writing Things Down

notebookYou might already have gotten into the habit of writing things down and have discovered how helpful it can be. I actually have just started writing things down a few months ago.

Before I found out how useful jotting things down was, I used to think that scribbling reminders in a notebook or agenda was best suited for older adults or my overly organized fellow classmates.

“Why should I take the effort to write this down if I can just remember it?” I would think to myself. I thought my … [Read More]