Epictetus and His Very Minimalist Perspective on Conversation

two guysEpictetus (55-135 C.E.) was a quite a notable stoic philosopher. One of his students wrote two works which sum up his perspective on stoic ethics: the Discourses and the Manual.  

In a passage from chapter 33 of the Manual we definitely see that the Stoics embrace the concept of “less is more”:

And let silence be the general rule, or let only what is necessary be said, and in few words. And rarely and when the occasion calls we shall say something; but about none of the common subjects,

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Society Could Intergrate Minimalist Principles as Oil Production Declines

Pontiac firebirdLast semester, one of my sociology professors showed us a documentary called The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream. It’s a Canadian documentary that was released in 2004 and it even won a few awards.

One of the main topics this documentary addresses is the “peak oil” phenomenon. According to many geoscientists, geologists and other members of the scientific community, oil production has a peak. After this peak, production should drop as the oil becomes harder to extract and refine. Some think that we … [Read More]

2015 at Toward Minimalism

New Years fireworksFor me, New Year’s is that time of year when I take a break and look back on the last 365 days. I wasn’t planning on writing a “year in review” type post. After some thought, I figured that it would be nice to wrap up the year and look back on some highlights of 2015.

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Keeping a Clear Study Space

pile of booksThis past Sunday, I was studying for my last final exam of the semester. Exam period always gets a little hectic and my study area can sometimes get a little messy during those two weeks. I try not to let it get too bad, but you still might find a few papers lying around.

Just like the time I discovered minimalism while getting distracted from my studies a couple of years ago, I was also having a hard time focusing on my notes that particular morning.

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Getting Rid of My Useless, yet Useful Collection of The Chronicles of Narnia

piles of booksI don’t own many things, but I do have a few books on my bookshelf. The books I own serve a purpose; by that I mean that I have either already read them and intend to read them again or have never read the books and intend to read them soon. I know that there are some people who don’t own any physical books and just read off e-readers or tablets, but I prefer books. Call me old-fashioned, but I just enjoy having a real book in my hand and … [Read More]