Epictetus and His Very Minimalist Perspective on Conversation

two guysEpictetus (55-135 C.E.) was a quite a notable stoic philosopher. One of his students wrote two works which sum up his perspective on stoic ethics: the Discourses and the Manual.  

In a passage from chapter 33 of the Manual we definitely see that the Stoics embrace the concept of “less is more”:

And let silence be the general rule, or let only what is necessary be said, and in few words. And rarely and when the occasion calls we shall say something; but about none of the common subjects,

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A Guide to Decluttering Your Home

coffee tableGetting rid of the clutter in your home has a few practical benefits. For example, a house with less clutter is easier to clean. Some people also find that clear spaces can be quite calming. Moreover, by actually enjoying the clean and organized spaces you’ve created for yourself, you won’t feel the need to buy more unnecessary things to put in your home anymore, which means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Decluttering can also improve your home aesthetically. Open spaces, clean lines and simple … [Read More]

Society Could Intergrate Minimalist Principles as Oil Production Declines

Pontiac firebirdLast semester, one of my sociology professors showed us a documentary called The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream. It’s a Canadian documentary that was released in 2004 and it even won a few awards.

One of the main topics this documentary addresses is the “peak oil” phenomenon. According to many geoscientists, geologists and other members of the scientific community, oil production has a peak. After this peak, production should drop as the oil becomes harder to extract and refine. Some think that we … [Read More]

2015 at Toward Minimalism

New Years fireworksFor me, New Year’s is that time of year when I take a break and look back on the last 365 days. I wasn’t planning on writing a “year in review” type post. After some thought, I figured that it would be nice to wrap up the year and look back on some highlights of 2015.

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The Key to Living in the Moment

SunsetLiving in the moment is about having all your attention directed toward the present. To do this, you must be mindful of your actions and your state of mind.  Also, when you live more in the moment, you tend limit mind wandering.

Matt Killingsworth reveals the importance of living in the moment in his TED Talk. The results of a study he conducted suggest that people are substantially less happy while mind-wandering. He tells us that when our minds wander, we often think of unpleasant things. Even when we … [Read More]